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Is there a placeholder for the element label?

Discussion in 'Professional Support' started by achartier, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. achartier

    achartier Active Member

    Level: Community
    On a form I am creating the element label is a question. I need to email the results of the completed form so would like to be able to insert the label into an email by way of a placeholder rather than hard coded. Is this possible or will I need to use a php script?
  2. troester

    troester Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Level: Community
    I think you'll need a php email template. See example \plugins\fabrik_form\email\tmpl\debug_with_labels.php
  3. achartier

    achartier Active Member

    Level: Community
    Thanks Troester. I was hoping I wouldn't have to use a php template but such is life.

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