If you are around Bristol (UK) this weekend, then you could be taking part in Moosehunt at the igfest- thanks in part to Fabrik! Huh? Moose, Bristol, surely not! Have I finally lost my mind? Not at all! Moosehunt is a location based mobile game designed by Simon Evans for Bristol's igfest:

"Moose will be making his autumn migration from the deepest Forest of Dean to Bristol over the week before the festival. Your mission is to find him and photograph him. Text 'moose' to 60300 to receive a map of the moose's current location. But be careful, the moose will be told your location and if he 'shoots' you before you 'shoot' him you are out of the game. Prizes for photographs in various categories including first sighting."

Simon asked me to collect the SMS messages and MMS file uploads and plot them onto a Google map, something for which Fabrik was ideally suited. Its been great fun working on such a off-beat project. Check out the spoof documentary video Simon produced for the game, if only to see the absurd (or perhaps slightly perturbing) costume Simon will be wearing all this weekend.