2009 was quiet simply a roller coaster ride for Fabrik. We saw Fabrik enjoying a fabulous growth in visitor numbers, each month we saw a 50 - 300% increase compared to the previous years.

A total of 4 release candidates for 2.0 saw the light of day, we redesigned the web site, migrating from Joomla 1.0 to 15.
The community expanded and matured, creating and improving upon 7 language translations. We had code and plug-ins provided by people all over the world, and saw you using Fabrik to do pretty much anything and everything, from tracking pirate attacks on the open seas to calculating company finacial viablity.

On a personal level the highlight of the year was being able to go the the New York Joomla developer conference and having the opportunity to hang out and exchange ideas with some of the smartest and most dedicated people in the Joomla community.

Looking to 2010 we have a lot of changes we will be making in the project.

 First of all, as of the beginning February Hugh will be joining Fabrik on a full time basis. Whilst he already appears omnipresent on the forums he was in fact holding down a day job as well. Hugh will be looking at upgrading the tutorials, helping on the forums, and of course coding as well.

A final 2.0 release is imminent, featuring several bug fixes and the 2.0 subscriber documentation.

We have also set up development branches which will allow us to work on new features whilst still providing pure bug fixes in the stable 2.0.x releases. The current active development branch is looking at implementing packages - groups of tables/forms/visualizations that you will be able to package up in a zip file and seamlessly install on other Joomla sites as mini components.

Pricing Changes.

From February the 14th we will be introducing new prices for our subscriptions.

This will be the first time we have raised our prices since we started taking subscriptions three years ago. In that time the Joomla third party developer landscape has changed radically, moving from primarily hobbyists to mid-size companies producing pay to download software.

The price increases will bring us in line with pricing from simliar competing projects and allow both myself and Hugh working full time on Fabrik.

We are both committed to growing Fabrik to make it quiet simply the best product and service possible and believe that these price changes will enable us to do exactly that.

Additionally we are also moving from charging in Pounds Sterling (GBP) to Euros. Living in France and charging in pounds simply makes no sense at all now, coping with the fluctuations in the exchange rates are not a realistic or enjoyable way to plan for financial stability.

So down to the meat of the matter as of February the 28th 2010 our new prices will be:

Bronze Subscriptions: 49 Euros / Year

Silver Subscriptions: 120 Euros / 3 Months

As an aside, Fabirk's licensing under the GPL will not be effected by these changes, nor are we considering charging for downloading Fabrik as other commercial GPL.

Please feel free to discuss this in the forum