We would like to inform all our users that we have implemented our new subscription service as of today, and with it the price changes we announced at the beginning of the year.

As part of the process of moving to our new code base and prices we have cancelled all active Paypal subscriptions. This does not mean that your Bronze/Silver subscription has expired on the site, just that you won't be automatically billed at the end of its term for a new subscription. Instead you will receive a couple of e-mails from us reminding you that the subscription will expire.

We implemented the subscription service using Fabrik to do the majority of the work. We have tables set up to store subscrptions, the plans you can choose from, the invoices and the systems email notifications.

Then the Fabrik registration form creates a new Joomla user, creates the subscription and invoice (using the PHP form plug-in to implement some custom code) and finally using the Paypal plug-in we send you off to Paypal to complete the transaction. We wrote a custom IPN script to handle the various IPN responses that Paypal then sends back.

Fabrik's schedule/cron facility is then used to expire any old subscriptions and to inform users of upcoming renewal dates.

Both the IPN. PHP and cron scripts are in the SVN for those of you who are interested in see how some of this was coded:


Please contact us if you have any issues or questions regarding the new system