A change in Focus

We've had a lot of discussions internally and with our users to define a business model that will allow for the stability and growth of Fabrik.

Our goals are to enable as many people to use Fabrik as possible and to give top notch support for our subscribers.

To that effect we are removing documentation (both written and the video tutorials) from our paid subscription offers. These will be made available for free via the wiki (for written documentation) and the site's tutorials section. We realize the videos need a make over, and once the site is live we will be adding videos specific to Fabrik 3.1.

Please note that Fabrik will always be free to download and our source code is available from github.com

We have also altered our pricing structure to reflect the level of support we want to offer: 

Professional support

  • 1 day response time (excluding weekends)
  • Live chat support (accessible via the website)
  • € 60 / month

Standard support

  • 3 day response time (excluding weekends)
  • € 20 / month

How does this affect existing users?

Existing Bronze users have been migrated to Standard Support, Silver users to professional support.


We've given the old mother-ship a lick of paint.

 Joomla has been updated to 2.5 (yes we were still running 1.5 - shame on us). We considered jumping straight to Joomla 3.0 but thought it would be best to do so at a later stage. However we are still using a bootstrap template, and we have updated our Fabrik templates for the downloads and tutorials sections to match.

 We are also running Fabrik 3.1 on the site.

 The forum has been migrated from the slightly dated vbForum we were using to xenforo.com which is we hope more pleasing on the eye and more usable of mobile devices thanks to a responsive template.

 We'd love to hear any feeback about the new site, what works, what could be improved and what we forgot to move over from the old site! Either post in the comments below or on the forum