The Fabrik team is proud to announce that we have released Fabrik 3.0.8 for Joomla 2.5. Fabrik 3.0.8 is a maintenance release.

We did say that the next release would be for 3.1 but we have decided to implement some additional changes into 3.1 to greatly simplify the way repeat groups/elements are rendered and accessed in templates/code. We think that now is the right time to do that, but of course that means pushing back the release.

We strongly advise you to update if you are running earlier versions of Fabrik. Fabrik 3.0.8 is not for Joomla 3+ - for that you will need to use Fabrik 3.1b.

If you have been updating from github then there is no need to update to 3.0.8 - you are already running the code.

Here's a summary of the changes we've made:



  • Added: element details view access, "or use element" option
  • Changed: Paypal plugin, if the shipping table is the same as form's table, and the user is not logged in then the shipping data is taken from the form's current fields.
  • Changed: The limit plugin call allow unlimited submissions by settings its value  to -1
  • Fixed: The comment plugin was unable to submit comments due to a JavaScript error.
  • Fixed: Data was not being saved correctly for forms with more than two repeat groups
  • Changed: The upsert form plugin can now update previously created records with use of a {origid} placeholder to


  • Fixed: Various issues with element calculations when the list is grouped and/or the calculation uses its 'split by' option
  • Fixed: Several issues with PHP/Update column plugins not working when viewing the list in administrator
  • Changed: list canEdit() method - if a plugin is set then the returned value (true OR false) is always applied over any other element access setting
  • Fixed: impossible to join to tables which used composite keys
  • Fixed: RSS feed was stripping markup from rss content - meaning images could not be shown in the feed
  • Fixed: radius search: auto-complete results appearing behind window. Window could not be opened a 2nd time. Added go button to window to trigger search

CSV Import/export

  • Added: CSV row import plugin hook can skip importing rows by returning false.
  • Added: CSV export of fields will now apply number formatting


  • Added checkbox and multi-select list as filter options
  • Added html5 history state check to list, should allow for reloading last state on page refresh
  • Fixed: advanced search and then CSV export would always export 0 records
  • Fixed: - clear filters not working for search all
  • Fixed: radius search: place search would not work & clear filters would not work
  • Fixed: advanced search - then page nav, would remove filters
  • Fixed: checkbox dropdown filter could contain raw JSON data as labels

In-line edit plugin

  • Added: inline edit plugin takes into account caneditrow plugin options
  • Fixed: inline-edit - tips not showing correctly on inline-edit form (e.g for validation text).


  • Fixed Password element; confirmation check incorrectly returning false, due to differences in the way the password and its confirmation were encode
  • Fixed: No JavaScript change event fired when calc element updated
  • Fixed The yesno element was only ever showing the red "No" image in the list view
  • Fixed: Colour picker's blue field not changing blue slider value.
  • Fixed: cdd not working if no dbjoin element found on the page
  • Fixed: calc element accessing drop-down/radio labels, would show the value and not the label in the list view
  • Changed: Link element parsed place-holders in details view, but not in list view
  • Changed: Cascading Dropdowns and database joins, when rendered as auto-complete's, if nothing found/selected from the auto-complete list, then the element's data is cleared when the the user blur's out of the field. This enables 'not empty' validations to run correctly.


  • Added: Google map; You can now add prefilters for each list that populates the map
  • Changed: Timeline, it's label option can now use place-holders.
  • Fixed: Fusion chart (free), the pie chart colour's were not showing
  • Fixed: Google chart - was incorrectly including calculation totals in its data set


  • Fixed: geocode would not work for lists outside of Fabrik's default connection.


  • Fixed: Incorrect logic in group canEdit() check
  • Added: '' JavaScript event, to allow customizing the minimum repeats to show for a repeat group.
  • Fixed: The "show group" - "always render as read only" now takes precedence over the group's access level


  • Changed: package administration interface, removed concept of pages/tabs, now simply select the list/forms to export into the package
  • Fixed: packages, edit/view/add links were not using com_{package} but com_fabrik


  • Fixed: potential JavaScript bug if 2 spaces following id in content plugin declaration.
  • Changed: Tweak to main getData query so it doesn't use SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS if we are merging joins, as in that case we never use COUNT FOUND(), as in certain cases using it can greatly increase the main SELECT query time.