This release addresses compatibility issues with Joomla 3.2.2 - notably issues in the administration section, where saving lists etc was not possible due to a JavaScript error.

A big shout out to all the people who have contributed to this release:

Mirko von Gizycki, troester, Jean-François Questiaux, Hugh Messenger, titoftit, Sophist, apzentral and all the members of the translation team.

Download Fabrik 3.1

Below you will find a summary of some of the major changes, improvements and additions that have been added to Fabrik 3.1 since Fabrik 3.1rc2.


  • Cron system plugin - we no longer unpublish a cron plugin if it fails to run.
  • Search plugin
    • Added search plugin option to include (or not) the list label in the link
    • Adding optional date field to J! search plugin.
  • Content plugin - fixed:  random=1 not working for list views, also simplified limit modifier, so that limit=2 now works
  • Autocomplete - Added new global 'auto-complete min trigger chars' option, which gets used as default in the helper func that builds the auto-complete.
  • General improvements in compatibility with the Joomla 2.5 series.


  • added: toggle columns and or groups in list view
  • added: rss feed image src option to list
  • added: reset filters option
  • added: option to render filters in one or two columns.
  • CSV
    • added: csv export language encoding option
    • fixed: csv import/export for file uploads when using ajax with single upload
    • fixed: csv import/export for repeat join elements (e.g. db join rendered as checkbox, multiple fileuploads) when more than one value selected
    • fixed: import csv would find x-ref element data as new elements (e.g. list___element___params). Occured when importing data with no raw data set.
    • Added onAfterImportCSV hook, so list CSV plugin can do processing after each row is imported, when it has access to the new main row's rowid.
    • fixed: csv export including filters was not using advanced search filters
  • Filters
    • Don't include element in Advanced Search field list if !canView('list')
    • enabled IN condition in list query string filter
    • changed: filters set inside a content plugin declaration; these can now be unset if you view a menu item linked to a fabrik list, which has its reset filters option set to yes
  • fixed: deleting trashed list did not remove list joins
  • fixed: list if using showall / limitlength = 1, and merging down joined data then the show all option was not correctly applied

List Plugins

  • New pivot / cross tab list plugin
  • Article - not clearing out cached images on row iteration
  • Update col
    • If you had 2 plugins then email settings were being taken from the wrong plugin parameters
    • Fixed - wasnt reporting the number of emails sent
    • Emails not showing updated data
    • pop up window not centered on load
    • emails sending raw values rather than formatted values
  • Email - Added ability to use an expression instead of a fixed value for the 'update field' in list email plugin.


  • added: new element acl for editing existing records
  • fixed: static icons not working in list and details views

Element Plugins

  • Colour picker
    • Added option to show/hide the RGB picker
    • Added options to alter the size of the swatch squares
  • Cascading Dropdown - fixed: when rendered as autocomplete - if only one results returned this result was not autopopulating the element
  • Database Join - read only in failed validation - was showing value and not label
  • Display - in details view was not using its "show label" option
  • Dropdown
    • Added bootstrap class option
    • You can created optgroups, by setting a sub option value to ""
  • Field
    • Added QR code rendering for field element in details & list view.
    • Added input masking
    • Added "title" option which is applied when the "guess link type" option is on
    • Added "rel" attributes option when the "guess link type option" is on
  • Fileupload
    • Element not styled in Joomla! 2.5
    • Fixed; not empty validation failing incorrect when limited to one upload
  • Link
    • Added "title" options
    • Added "rel attributes" option
  • Password
    • Added an option to show/hide the password strength meter
    • Now shows validation tip and message for its internal validations
  • Radio button - Optional PHP code to generate options
  • Tags - added bootstrap class option
  • Textarea- wysiwyg in multipage forms, validations and word count were not working
  • Thumbs
    • now respects ACL rules
    • Was not working in earlier versions of Joomla!
    • Added an option to "show/hide" the dislike button
    • bootstrapped for Joomla! 3.x
    • Added a "show in form" option


  • Added a new placeholder "{groupX_label}" to override group labels. Can be assigned in the form's URL
  • Added 'show loader' option for regular form submissions.
  • fixed: If a group's "repeat group min" option set to 0, then upon editing the record the group was not hidden
  • fixed: Empty message not translatable
  • fixed: Print button not showing / opening a popup window

Form plugins

  • Article
    • Now adds all image upload elements into placeholders
    • Added a {readmore} placeholder - which will be replaced with the url to full article
  • Comments
    • Added locking of comments
    • thumbs now used instead of deprecated digg element in form comment plugin
  • Email- added option to attach details view as a PDF
  • JUser - fixed: was not sending emails as html
  • Kunena
    • fixed: Was not saving message along with topic
    • fixed: Was not working with kunena 3.x
  • Paypal
    • fixed: Amount not right if using a dropdown element to select prices
    • fixed: Subscription switch was not recording its options in an array


  • Calendar
    • Added: Min/max limit options for when users can add events
    • Added: Option to enable/disable adding events on month views
    • Observes its own page height - if changed then reposition events
    • fixed: Week and day view - resize window - events not resized.
    • In week and day views events not being rendered at the full width
    • Format (locale) dates toISO8601 (needed in Firefox calendar.js)
    • Fixed: rendered in content plugin, {foo=bar} filters not playing well with list filters
  • Timeline - fixed: element filters not being applied


  • Added: apply in admin/frontend/both and apply on new/edit/both
  • Fixed: if two validations on same element, then validation icons not being rendered (they were reverting to the default star)
  • Added: icon override for individual php validation rules
  • Fixed: isnot validation rule, was never using "tip text" option, if set then use that in preference to default "is not {foo}" message
  • Added: override option for regex validation icon
  • Added: is greater or less than validation - can now compare against a fixed value

Scheduled Tasks

  • The gcal sync plugin should be working for simple lists (no joins!) for both importing and exporting events.

Download Fabrik 3.1