1. Fabrik 3.9 has been released. If you have updated Joomla to 3.9, this is a required update.
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Remove a list column

May 28, 2013
Remove a list column
  • In components/com_fabrik/views/list/tmpl/yourtemplate/default_headings.php, you have a variable

    This variable is an array, which is keyed on the full element name and whose values contains the headings for the list


    [jos_element_test___fabrik_internal_id] => fabrik internal id
    [jos_element_test___time_date] => time date
    [jos_element_test___int] => int
    [fabrik_delete] =>
    [fabrik_edit] => edit
    [fabrik_view] => view details
    If you remove an entry from the array the corresponding column will not be rendered, so adding the following code to the beginning of default_headings.php

    will stop the 'time date' column from showing in the list