1. Fabrik 3.9 has been released. If you have updated Joomla to 3.9, this is a required update.
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Community Builder

Jan 13, 2014
Community Builder
  • To integrate with the Joomla Community Builder Extension we provide a Community builder plug-in which is capable of rendering all of Fabrik's views (forms, tables and visualizations) inside the community builder user profile page.

    It uses the same syntax as the Fabrik content plug-in, and should work in both Fabrik 2.x and Fabrik 3.x.

    Get the Fabrik CB plug-in from fabrikar.com/downloads (type=3rd party plugin)

    (or update from GitHub, go to components\com_comprofiler\plugin\user, zip the folder "plug_fabrik")
    • Install it via community builders plug-in management page
    • Make sure the plug-in is published
    • Ensure that you have the Joomla Fabrik content plug-in installed and enabled
    • Go to community builders 'cb tab manager' page
    • Edit the fabrik tab that should be there
    • On the right hand side in the parameters section enter your Joomla plug-in text to call Fabrik:

    Examples (top)

    Fabrik 2 syntax (top)
    Code (Text):
    {fabrik view=table id=11}
    will load table 11
    Code (Text):
    {fabrik view=table id=11 tablename___user={$my->id}}
    will load table 11 filtered on the current user.

    Fabrik 3 syntax (top)
    Code (Text):
    {fabrik view=list id=11 listname___user_raw=[user] resetfilters=1}
    Code (Text):
    {fabrik view=list id=11 listname___user_raw=[$my->id] resetfilters=1}
    will load list 11 filtered on the profile user resp. the current user.

    See the fabrik content plug-in for a full list of options, but basically you can show any view that fabrik has (forms/visualizations/tables etc).

    Session Data(top)
    The plugin stores the currently viewed user profile id in the session. This is useful if you want to use this value elsewhere, for example in a prefilter you could set it to be eval'd with this value:

    $session = JFactory::getSession();
    return $session->get('fabrik.plugin.profile_id');
    The user element also has a switch to Use Social Profile, which tells the user element to use the session profile_id as the userid to store, if it is present, instead of the logged on userid. This is useful in certain circumstances, when (say) an admin is adding rows to a list which is shown in a user's CB profile.

    Creating Additional Community Builder Tabs (top)

    Unfortunately at the time of writing Community builder's interface does not allow for multiple instances of the same plugin, but we can achieve this by editing the database.

    • Open PhpMyAdmin (or similar)
    • View the data for the database table #__comprofiler_tabs (replace #_ with your Joomla database prefix)
    • You should see an entry which has a title 'Fabrik'
    • Copy this row and rename its title to 'Fabrik2'
    Now when you go to community builders tab manager page you should see 2 Fabrik plug-ins 'Fabrik' and 'Fabrik2'

    To add another instance of Fabrik to the tabs page, simply repeat steps 1-4.