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Possible bug in content view -> _raw prefix for the list inside form

Discussion in 'Community' started by vladimir84, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. vladimir84

    vladimir84 Member

    Level: Community
    When I place a list inside a form (header of an edit form), it shows correctly, however, the add button on that list gets a '_raw' prefix, thus I'm unable to pre-fill the id element of the list when adding new records of the filtered list.
    Content plugin inside the form:
    {fabrik view=list listid=17 mag2_s___id={mag2___id} resetfilters=1 clearordering=1}

    Add button link of the list:

    I would add the add button separately like so:
    <a class="addRecord addbutton" href="/hermes/index.php/it/mag2/form/17/?mag2_s___id={mag2___id}" rel="lightbox"> <i class="icon-plus" data-isicon="true"></i> Add </a>

    However, I can't (don't know how to) call the Ajaxify links feature - the html link doesn't open in ajax regardless of the Ajaxify setting of the table, while the built-in Add records button opens correctly in Ajax but doesn't pre-fill the id field because it has the _raw prefix.

    PS. the table primary key is called table_id, this is a different id.

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