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  1. brookesy_au
    Exploring the wonders of Fabrik!
  2. wshealy
    wshealy cheesegrits
    Any suggestions for somebody who can help me move my FAB to the next level? I am working on an event lineup app and need to to add some php and sql to combine the right info and create links to photos and bio pages. I really would like someone that could help me get my head around it not just do it. I'm looking for some consulting.
    PS: Is Fabrik going to make the leap to J4?
  3. AndreaV90
    How can I start a thread?
  4. JackGoa
    treat people like you would like to be treated.
  5. nighrv
    Webmaster at friendsofsilverbrook dot org since 2007. Fabrik user since 2018.
  6. bea
    bea mediaateam
  7. Tirso
    Tirso mediaateam
    Hi, I would like to know if there is any progress in the development of plugin cron gcalsync to take advantage of the api of google calendar instead of zend. I've contacted you because, cheesegrits public some time ago that I would consult with you the cost of the project and I would like to know when it would cost to develop that plugin to synchronize fullcalendar with google calendar.
  8. aje
    aje cheesegrits
    Hi. Was trying to pay for foum support because i need some help. Is it not possible to do this ?
  9. nitro282
    nitro282 cheesegrits
    hi I would need your paid support, I would have jobs to offer him for some sites / projects
    my account skype info@risveglio.tv . if it is not available, please tell me someone who can collaborate, because otherwise I am forced to abandon fabrik
  10. mtiedge
    Con cada cosa nueva que aprendo me doy cuenta de lo mucho que ignoro...
  11. Docor2
    Docor2 cheesegrits
    Hello, My user name is Docor2 Login now sorted, the email had been filtered out on my server prior to the email handler. Many thanks, keep up the good work.
  12. Docor2
    Docor2 cheesegrits
    Hello, My user name is Docor2 as I have not used the site for a long time I have re-registered but the system has not sent me an email so I am unable to log into the main site please could you ask the admin team to have a look. Many thanks.
  13. marozen
    Among the Joomla extensions I appreciate Fabrik a lot. Thanks a lot to the staff of Fabrik.
  14. baderajhar
  15. customgrad
    we offer a full line of ceremonial and graduation Stoles,fraternity graduation stoles & Sashes
  16. Karthik11k
    Telecom Freelance Engineers
  17. gilles.cloutier
    gilles.cloutier cheesegrits
    hi hugh,
    about fusioncharts
    please contact anne.cloutier@magiris.fr
    from gilles.cloutier@gmail.com
  18. saviolimapb
    Me preparando para o novo!
  19. x64webmaster
    Hi all, I'm Danilo from Rome.
  20. jo-ka
    jo-ka cheesegrits
    Hugh, I can't post on standard support forum. Can you please tell me why? Did my subscription ended? I can't find where to renew or any membership info. Please help. BR